NYC Landlord + Facial Recognition Technology =

“To be or not to be”…

… Leads to privacy concerns and legal battle.

Security camera analytics taken to the next level

Facial Recognition and security camera analytics taken to the next level…

“New York City Police Department has been using technology fine tuned by tech giants to sort through the millions of faces collected by the cameras the department has placed all over the Big Apple.”


Surveillance technology | Surveillance Software Sorts Images by Skin Color


“The technology developed by IBM and others enables New York law enforcement to “search camera footage for images of people by hair color, facial hair, and skin tone.””

NYC Repeals 91 Year Old Cabaret Law

Although, the law has been repeals establishments must install and maintain security camera systems as well a physical security.
“Though the restrictions have been lifted, establishments that wish to have public dancing will still be required under New York City law to have security cameras and to keep a roster of whatever licensed security guards they use”.

These days crime is everywhere and video security cameras are capturing it…

From simple to complete video security camera systems and it doesn’t matter from NYC to quite Virginia neighborhoods crime is on the rise and uses of security camera are getting an eye full.

Here is what one Chesterfield Va. resident had to say,

She and her husband moved from Long Island, New York, to Chesterfield and say in recent weeks and months, thieves have targeted their peaceful street;

“We were robbed in New York, so we try to lock everything up,” she said.

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