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NYC Repeals 91 Year Old Cabaret Law

Although, the law has been repeals establishments must install and maintain security camera systems as well a physical security.
“Though the restrictions have been lifted, establishments that wish to have public dancing will still be required under New York City law to have security cameras and to keep a roster of whatever licensed security guards they use”.

These days crime is everywhere and video security cameras are capturing it…

From simple to complete video security camera systems and it doesn’t matter from NYC to quite Virginia neighborhoods crime is on the rise and uses of security camera are getting an eye full.

Here is what one Chesterfield Va. resident had to say,

She and her husband moved from Long Island, New York, to Chesterfield and say in recent weeks and months, thieves have targeted their peaceful street;

“We were robbed in New York, so we try to lock everything up,” she said.

NBC12 - WWBT - Richmond, VA News On Your Side


Covert Security Cameras NYC – MTA

Of course, of course … if you have ever ridden the NYC Subway system;  you can claim that you have seen everything! 

… However:

Covert Surveillance  in NyC Subway System
Can you tell where the cameras are?



Hidden NYC Subway Cameras
Some of the pipes above your head in NYC’s subway stations are actually hidden cameras.


Security Cameras used by the MTA,  “They are covert cameras for high-priority areas or high crime,” one source noted. “They record, but can be monitored real-time if it’s deemed necessary.” And they are so well hidden, even agency staffers and transit advocates were clueless to their presence.

In all, there are more than 4,500 cameras throughout the subway system, according to the MTA…

hidden surveillance cameras in New York subway stations


If  You See Something, Say Something!




NYC Intercom System / Bell Buzzer System Repair

The maintenance of an intercom system is important to keep the integrity of controlled access and effective communication and or operation of door buzzer systems.

Most common issues are associated with apartment intercom systems non-operation are the apartment intercom station, lobby panel speaker, lobby panel apartment button, electronic door strike malfunctioning or wiring issues.

It is important to keep in mind as in any repair or trouble shooting of issues related to non-operation of intercom systems which is most commonly related to as a bell buzzer system, is to have the issue diagnosed and addressed as soon as possible as not the let the issue compound to such point where you have several issues such as an apartment unit non operation however there were major renovations in which wiring were damaged or devices relocated and were miss-wired.

It is important to stay on top of repairs and property renovation history to ensure a quick cost effective repair of faulty intercom systems.

For repair or upgrading of you existing intercom system contact Unlimited Applications Security Company (800)348-5508 or intercominfo@uasecurity.com.

For repair or upgrading of you existing intercom system contact Unlimited Applications Security Company (800)348-5508 or intercominfo@uasecurity.com