Home Security Cameras.

If you’re thinking about installing a Home Security Camera System.

You’re probably asking yourself; Where should I consider installing home security cameras

Take into account and consider the following:

  • Exterior: Front door

A camera at your main entrance keeps a watchful eye on everybody going in and out of your home (from family members and babysitters to maintenance people, delivery people, packages   and more).

  • Exterior: Stairs, Patios, Windows, Back and side doors

To have knowledge of everyone who uses, enters and exits, add cameras to your secondary doors; especially if one of them is used as often or more often than your front door, or if a particular window seems enticing or accessible to a potential intruder.

Doors and Windows which are out-of-sight allow visitors to enter undetected, whether they’re invited or not and in the case of windows if accessible may allow undetected intrusion.

  • Exterior: Shed, Garage and Driveway

A camera or cameras pointed at your shed, garage and/or driveway keeps a watchful eye on these areas in which will provide detection and identification of bikes, tools, grills, sports equipment, cars and everyone that handles them.

If your shed or garage is detached, the camera(s) helps you detect and monitor activity in those areas.

If your or garage is attached, this extra layer of security monitors another possible entryway into your home.

Sheds and garages are a common target of burglars because they’re one of the easily accessible weakest entry points.

If there’s a gate at the end of your driveway, you may want camera(s) there to spot anyone attempting to get in or to detect and monitor the driveway activity.

  • Exterior: Yard

Camera(s) covering your yard will help you keep a watchful eye on anyone scoping out your house from the outside and is particularly handy for capturing the activities of kids, animals and trespassers.

  • Interior: Common areas

Cameras in points like the living room, dining room or kitchen is a great way to see if the kids are doing what they’re supposed to do, if the babysitter is attentive, what the pets are getting into, or to check on household help like cleaners and repairmen.

Consider prioritizing any rooms that have large ground floor windows, that way you can see if anyone tampers with them or uses one as a break-in point.

  • Interior: Main stairway or hallway

A camera in the main thoroughfares inside your home to make it difficult for someone to move about undetected.

If someone breaks in through a ground floor window, bathroom, bedroom or another unmonitored area, they’ll still be captured on camera if they move about the house.

As your professional security consultant and security camera system installer, I will advise on the ideal equipment and placement

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How to fix a Door Bell / Doorbell Repair New York City

Doorbell Button

Although there are many resources to find out how to fix a door bell online.

The best way to get a doorbell repair is to contact Unlimited Applications Security Company to schedule a professional who know exactly how to repair your door bell.

We have been providing door bell repair and door bell installation services in New York City for over 2 decades, provide New York City home and offices with door bell installation and repair services throughout New York City (serving Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island New York) .


If you live or work in or around New York City and are in need of doorbell repair the best useful links to getting a door bell repair or door bell installation:



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Security Camera Repair New York City

Security camera system repair troubleshooting

The best way to effectively repair security camera or security camera system issue is to hire an experienced security camera system repair company to troubleshoot and provide or suggest required security camera system repairs.

Security camera system testing and troubleshooting.

Unlimited Applications Security Company provides security camera repair,, security camera system upgrade and installation services for New York City’s home and business owners.

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Access control NYC

Door Buzzer Installation and Repair Services New York:

Controlled access to people and places is a major concern especially when it comes to social distancing and a way for New York businesses to ensure this, would be a access control, intercom or door buzzer system installation, repair or upgrade.

Intercom Installation and Repair Services New York:

In this day in age, the “open door” policy or past has to be modified for safety as well as health concerns. Where as in the past occupied spaces didn’t have health protocol’s which required social distancing. A good way to aid in this is access control. Protocols has to be put in place because of safety and health concerns, which will limit access to people and places.

Access Control System Installation and Repair Services New York:

We are here to help New York City Businesses with all of their controlled access needs. We can design a system which will aid in security, safety and heath protocols.

So whether it be the repair or upgrade of an existing access control, intercom or door buzzer system or an installation of one. The need to have access control or controlled access to New York City businesses, buildings, offices and employees is one of the biggest challenges coupled with the adaptation of social distancing.

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Controlled Access – Having the ability to grant or deny access.

Safety, Security and Preventive Health Protocols.

SECURITY cameras in NYC

Security Cameras are sign of the times nowadays ; the are security camera all over New York City ranging from CCTV to video doorbells; with this it brings a sense of security and comfort that with so many security cameras throughout various places in The City that a perpetrator chances of getting away with a crime are slim to none.

New York City has an estimated 9,000 cameras linked to a system the New York Police Department calls the “Domain Awareness System.” But there are more cameras that aren’t linked to the system.


Video security system has become common all around New York City and with good reason… To deter. monitor and capture incidents in which are helpful in discovery and investigations; an important “Tool” i must say.!

Very often I am called to help backup security camera footage/data from customers who either need the video camera footage for court proceedings or police investigations.

The benefits of having a video camera system are endless not only can systems provide the benefit of watching live images and recording of designated areas of concern but the also have they ability to be remotely monitored via a smartphone, tablet, computer or laptop and with that being said there is also security camera system CMS (central monitoring software) software which allows the monitoring, playback, recording/backup of configured security camera systems simultaneously on your computer, tablet and smartphones.

Monitors show imagery from security cameras seen at the Lower Manhattan Security Initiative on April 23, 2013 in New York City.

These security camera systems and benefits continue to improve and expand with the use of video analytics:

  • Motion Detection
  • Facial Recognition
  • License Plate Reading
  • People Counting

to name some of the many video camera analytics features which are available on the market today.

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Looking to the Future Security tech trends to watch


” Video surveillance technologies continue to evolve. Some of the fastest-growing areas include AI-based video analytics and cloudbased video access and recording “

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Advancements in security cameras and security camera systems.